NST 02:12:56pm Thu, Feb, 22, 2018

Dissemination of Analytical Report on Death Cases of Migrant Workers Concludes

18 Dec, Kathmandu: On the occasion of International Migrants Day 2017, PNCC publicized an Analytical report on death cases of migrants workers amid a round table discussion organized at Anamnagar Kathmandu on 17 Dec, 2017. The main objective of this event was to disseminate the report and sensitize concerned stakeholders for their effective role needed to reducing death incidents in labor destination countries. The program was organized in presence of Governmental officials, civil society organizations, media persons, migrant workers' family and other potential stakeholders. Following the presentation of main highlights of the report, The Director General, Foreign Employment Promotion Board (FEPB), Mr. Raghu Raj Kafle stressed on the need of providing pre-departure orientation to the aspirant migrants in order to reduce death incidents. Furthermore, he also emphasized on the need of providing language and skill training. Similarly, Mr. Shiva Ram Pokharel, Secretary, Ministry of Labor and Employment (MoLE), emphasized on the need of making foreign employment process more effective, reliable and systematic for which concerned civil society organizations and Nepal government agencies should collaborate their efforts in order to solve/reduce the present scenario of death incidents. Similarly, Mr. Surya Prasad Bhandari, Safer Migration Coordinator, Ministry of Labor and Employment (MoLE), also focused on the need of providing technical training to the aspirant migrants before their departure for foreign employment. Mr. Siddhi Chandra Baral, Chairperson, National Network for Safe Migration (NNSM), also applauded the effort of PNCC and focused on result oriented initiatives under the leadership of Government to break cycle of grievances associated with foreign employment. He also showed the need of focusing on re-integration of migrant returnees by linking them into livelihood options. The program was concluded with commitment from all stakeholders to integrate their efforts for reducing the death incidents in foreign employment process.