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Consultation on Nexus between Human Trafficking and Labour Migration Concludes

26 Jan, 2019: PNNC organized a national consultation meeting on the topic "Understanding Nexus between Human Trafficking and Labour Migration: Challenges and Way Forward" in Mirabel Hotel, Dhulikhel, Kavre. The 2 day residential event was organized on 25-26 Jan, 2019 in collaboration with National Network for Safe Migration (NNSM) and Solidarity Centre. The meetings mainly discussed about the challenges the migrant workers have been facing during migration cycle. In the program, 4 typical cases of migrant workers referred to PNCC, were discussed from different perspectives in separate groups so as to bring different perspectives at understanding the nexus of human trafficking and labour migration. To supplement understanding, the national and international legal provision in regard to human trafficking, were also presented. Following case presentations, gaps in existing policy in regard to dealing with cases having nexus to human trafficking were thoroughly discussed and recommendations were made for policy reform and executions in line with reducing the incidents of human trafficking in migration process. Please visit the detailed outcome of the program in the link here.

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