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Message from Chairperson


Foreign employment has become an unavoidable compulsion for more than 2/3 labor force (out of 0.5 million in average) that enters into the Nepalese labour market every year. The growing nation-side poverty, dismal socio-economic situation and country’s inability to create employment opportunity within nation has become causative factors for massive labour migration of Nepalese youths. A rough estimate says about 1500 youths turn into migrant workers every day supporting family survival and relative better life one way or other. The recent study shows that 56% households in Nepal rely on hard earned remittance that comes from foreign countries. It has also been said that the remittance contributes 29.6% (NRB,2016) in the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Although remittance makes wider contribution in overall national economy, this issue is hardly discussed in the parliament neither substantive efforts have been made to addressing harrowing grievances of migrant workers. The lack of national attention on cross-cutting migration issues might further aggravate grievances of migrant works in long run. Since we can't completely stop labour migration at the backdrop of existing socio-economic situation of the nation, the Government, man power agencies, civil society organizations and all potential stakeholders need to seriously discuss on the pertinent issues of labour migration and formulate labor friendly policy and implement them effectively to ensure safer, dignified and productive labour migration. As one of the most trusted, dedicated and qualified organizations for Nepalese migrant workers, PNCC is always ready to work with potential partners/stakeholders at national, regional and international level to serving distressed migrant workers in timely and effective manner. Furthermore, it is also committed to coordinate with Nepal Govt. on behalf of civil society organizations in order to help build and implement an effective mechanism to ensuring safer, dignified and systematic labor migration for all Nepalese migrant workers across the globe.

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