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Pre-Departure Information

  1. Make sure that you have made up your mind for foreign employment after you failed to get employment opportunity within nation.
  2. Discuss extensively with your family about your plan for foreign employment & take decision following their consent.
  3. Prepare required documents i.e. Passport, experience certificate, training certificate, CV, medical certificate etc.
  4. Make sure what kinds of works are you going for, which company. Study company profile in detail in relation to your work.
  5. Make sure the country you are planning to go is safe as declared by Govt. of Nepal.
  6. Get basic information regarding culture, religion, laws, working rules and regulations in the destination country.
  7. Get clear information regarding the salary, occupational benefits, working hours, overtime facility, food and accommodation facility as well.
  8. Take necessary training and orientation for the work you have chosen.
  9. Make sure you are mentally prepared and physical fit for the work you have chosen.
  10. Make sure the agency you are going through is the recognized Manpower Company registered in Govt.
  11. Get idea about the total expenditure for the entire process (visa, ticket, medical report, labor permit, pre-departure training, insurance and airport tax)
  12. Read and understand the JOB CONTRACT carefully and sign it in presence of your nearest friends/relatives
  13. Ask for receipt of any amount you give to the concerned agencies during migration process.
  14. Note the contact number of your manpower agency, Nepali embassy in destination country, Govt. line agencies related to foreign employment as well as organizations working for migrant workers.    
  15. Get copies of all the essential documents (passport, visa, contract paper, document of medical/life l insurance, certificate of medical test) and give one set of them to your family or nearest relatives. 

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