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While in Abroad

  1. Safely keep with you the copies of your passport, Job Agreement Paper and other related documents.
  2. Familiarize yourself with your colleagues and new working environment.  
  3. Follow your work responsibilities/schedules as agreed in the JOB CONTRACT.
  4. Equip yourself with required safety measures while working in the company.
  5. Be friendly to everyone working in the company you are associated with.
  6. Maintain balance among the work, rest and food habit for your sound health and safety.  
  7. Stay away from gambling and over drinking habit and control unnecessary expenses.
  8. Communicate occasionally and update your living and working situation to your family/relatives.
  9. Rather than Hundi, send money only through formal banking channels 
  10. Suggest your family to use remittance in productive work that can give good return n future
  11. Be aware of the traffic rules and other social and cultural taboos of the destination country 
  12. Stay away from the temptation regarding other employment opportunity offered by local agents
  13. Don't change your company without taking permission of the company you are associated with.
  14. Return back to home country following upon the completion of your Contract Period.
  15. Contact your recruitment agency or Nepali Embassy or Labor Court, Non-Residential Nepali Association, or any concerned agencies in case of any problems such as death case, contract violation, forced labour, workplace accident, frauds, missing or undocumented and others.

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