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Prashant Limbu Comes Home

Prashant comes from a very poor family from Buddha Shanti - 4, Jhapa. Inflicted by chronic poverty, he went to Saudi Arabia in driving visa on 10 Aug, 2016. He hoped that his company (Karam Al-Khaleej For Block & Precasting Company) would initiate process for his driving license that would allow him to work as a driver legally in Saudi. But the company did nothing for his license. He was rather forced to work as a driver despite having no license. As it is risky to engage in driving profession without having license, Prashant repeatedly requested the company to initiate process for his license but to no avail. He also requested the manpower agency back here in Nepal but things did not go as expected. Finally, with no option left, he carried on his duty as a driver.

Incident: In the meantime, his fate brought him into a very crucial situation when a van hit his vehicle hard from back, leaving a Saudi national dead in the van. The incident that took place on 29 April, 2017 (9 months after his arrival in Saudi) pulled him to police custody and later to Jail. In connection with this incident, the court decided that he along with his company was 75% responsible for the incident. And, as per the court's decision, both parties were made liable to pay total Riyal 240000 Blood Money (compensation to be given to the family of victim died in the accident); where Prashant has to pay 50% money which means Saudi riyal 120000 (equivalent to NPR 35 lakhs) and 50% to be borne by his company for allowing employee in driving work without license.

After Jail: After a long stay in jail for about 8 months he was released from the jail some five months back (13 Feb, 2018) but could not come home because Saudi authority would not give him exit permit without clearing the pending blood money. With no option left, he again went back to work for the same company for 2 months as a general labor but did not get paid. When requested for salary, company sacked him and made homeless. For some days, he took shelter in friend's room. Later after the dialogue with company under the initiation of Nepal embassy and NRNA, he has returned back to the same company and started working but he is still not sure of getting salary.  

Appeal for Support: Prashant spent his painful days in foreign land with no proper place to live, food to eat and shelter to sleep. His desperate situation further drvve his poor family into the harrowing situation of hopelessness and frustration.  Since no organized efforts were made so far to collect Blood Money to rescue him, following the constant appeal of his family, PNCC initiated campaign via press meet organized on 28 June, 2018 and requested every generous individuals and helping organizations around the world for donation.

Success of Campaign: To a big surprise, the coordinated effort initiated by PNCC in collaboration with different helping organizations managed to raise required fund within 2 months. And, the total NPR 36,81,600 collected during the Save Prashant Campaign was handed over to the concerned agency through Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) on 10 Sept, 2018. After regorous follow ups and coordination with Nepal embassy, Prashant has been able to come home on 13 Dec, 2018. His arrival has brought immense happiness in his family. In a press meet organized on 14 Dec, 2018 in PNCC office, he says, "I now feel home and thanks everyone for rescuing me and bringin me from hell." 

Please see below for detailed nformation about donation collected from different organizations.  

Brief Donation Details:


Helping Organization



Pravasi Nepali Coordination Committee

Rs. 15,44,260


Save Prem Campaign, Main Committee, Kathmandu

Rs. 15,00,000


Help Prashant Come Back Home Campaign, Jhapa

Rs. 500400


Kirant Yakthum Chumlung, Central Office, Lalitpur



Help Prashant Come Back Home Campaign, Taplejung

Rs. 56, 940



Rs. 36,81,600

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