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Save Bhusal Campaign

36 years old Sthaneswor bitterly shares, "I never imagined that I would be in jail in foreign land; indeed, I came here with a dream to make a living and support my family; but things became difficult before I could translate my dream into reality". Sthaneswor Bhusal comes from a very poor family from Madhyabindu-4, Nawalparasi (one of the backward districts in Nepal). Inflicted by chronic poverty, Bhusal went to Saudi Arabia as a construction worker through Innovative Manpower Agency in 2011. Quite surprisingly, upon arrival in Saudi Arabia, he was told to work as a driver despite having no driving license. Initially, he refused but later he was bound to work as told. With no option left, he carried on his duty as a driver with an assurance from his employer that his driver's license will be processed and the company will take accountability in case of any problem. Unfortunately, the things did not go as expected; his fate brought him into a very crucial situation when a truck hit his vehicle hard from the back, leaving its Indian driver dead on the spot and causing him to hit another vehicle in front that resulted in the death of another person, a Saudi Arabian national. 

Right after the incident, Bhusal was taken into police custody, then later prosecuted and convicted together with the deceased Indian driver, for the death of the Saudi Arabian national.  The court's verdict made both of them accountable to pay Saudi riyal 150000 each (equivalent to NPR 45, 000, 00) as Blood Money (the money to be given as compensation to the family of someone killed) to the family of victim. Since then, Bhusal has been spending his painful days in foreign jail as he and his family could not afford nor raise the large sum of money needed for the blood money. Six months after he was sent to jail, his wife who was supposed to shoulder overall family responsibility in his absence, quite unexpectedly married another person. Deeply shocked by this news, he was further saddened by the incident of his father's fall from tree that brought him to the state of physical and mental disability.  Indeed, the unprecedented incidents one after another have left Bhusal's family into more harrowing situation of hopelessness and frustration.  

Since there has been no organized efforts to collect Blood Money to helping Bhusal, PNCC would like to bring this issue to the attention of every generous individuals and organizations around the world to join us in our campaign to raise funds for the Blood Money and bring him back to Nepal where his loved ones (100 year old grandmother, physically impaired father and 62 year sick mother) are desperately waiting for him to come home.

Your timely contribution, no matter how big or small the amount, will come a long way in helping Bhusal  and make a huge impact in the lives of his family and the families of the victims of that fateful accident.  


Destination Countries

Amount in NPR

Received from Jeddha                  220,584
Received from Jeddha                  272,481
Received from Jeddha                  310,550
Received from Dammam                  303,189
Received from Qatar                    51,000
Total from Abroad                 1,157,804


Opening balance by PNCC 5000
Seed money by PNCC 10000
Received from individuals in Nepal 4100
Total from Nepal  19100


Total collected              1,176,904
Collected in Dammam but yet to be received   224881
Committed but yet to be collected  70000
Decided by NRNA but yet to be received  1250000
Collected from Nawalparasi but yet to be received 110000
Grant total including committed fund             2,831,785


For donation, please follow the following address:

Global IME Bank

Anamnagar Branch, Kathmandu

Account Number: 3901010000409

Swift Code: GLBBNPKA

Donation Details: Following generous individuals from different organizations/support groups have donated the below mentioned amount for Save Bhusal Campaign;