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Help Needy Children For Quality Education

Every child if educated well with parental love and care can become capable citizen in future. The quality education from the initial stage of life lays foundations to exploring boundless opportunities for happy family life in long run. Unfortunately, many helpless children in Nepal have no access to better education due to family poverty. The condition of the children of especially missing and deceased migrant workers is even more pathetic. In absence and support from father, these children are often exposed to multi-faceted vulnerabilities that emerge from chronic poverty, illiteracy, and other socio-economic hardships. The families whose survival solely depends on the remittance become hopeless after their loved ones (father, a migrant worker) dies or found missing while working in foreign land. This hugely impacts the fate of such children preventing them from having an access to better education.

The 14 year old Anusha from Damak-3, Jhapa District is one of the unluckiest daughters whose father (Kamal Prasad Dawadi) did not come in her family contact ever since he went to Malaysia in 2005 for foreign employment. Her father left home when she was just a baby, and now it's been thirteen years she and her family still haven’t heard from him or received any money from him. In due course, Anusha’s mother tried all possible options to learn about his whereabouts, but to no avail. This deeply saddens everyone in her family as her mother has to struggle so hard alone in order to earn bread for living; whereas having an access to better education has almost become a dream for Anusha. Indeed, there are hundreds of such helpless children across the nation that have been literally prevented from having an access to better education due to lack of father's moral & financial support (remittance) that the family depends on. In this juncture, PNCC as a committed organization for the welfare of migrant workers' community, appeals all generous individuals from across the globe to donate for the cause of humanity.

Your support will help them grow with better education that eventually lays foundation to their better life with good career opportunities. Also, the quality education received under your support in long run can help them overcome family poverty and financial dependency.

Please send your donations to the following bank account;

Account Holder's Name: Pravasi Nepali Coordination Committee (GG)

Bank' Name: Himalayan Bank Nepal

Branch: Tridevimarg, Thamel Branch, Kathmandu

Account Number: 01902425710033

Swift Code: HIMANPKA

You can also CLICK HERE for online donation.

Thank you very much for your kind support !

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