NST 08:17:57am Thu, Apr, 25, 2019

Reintegration & Livelihood Project

Nepalese migrant workers have been facing various problems during their foreign employment; most often, they are exposed to ruthless exploitation, harassment, cheating, low/untimely payment, unlimited working hour, unsafe working condition, denial to movement etc. Due to complicated working environment in foreign land, many Nepali workers are led to multi-faceted vulnerabilities and those stranded in perilous situation are bound to return back to home country empty handed. These unlucky returnees are often desperate and frustrated for not being able to afford even for air ticket. In this scenario, PNCC provides assistance to migrant workers stranded in destination for their safe return, immediate shelter and family reintegration. This is the project operated under IOM support that provides certain amount of seed money to the returnee migrants to start income generating activities that could help for their comfortable survival. This collaboration under the project "Return Assistance to Stranded Nepali Migrants" has resulted in helping more than 135 stranded migrant workers come home and reunite in their family with some financial support for their livelihood options.

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