PNCC's Migration Facts for 2022

PNCC receives cases from MRCs, migrant workers and their families, outreach coordinators and others sources. Upon the receipt of the cases, the officers register the cases. After the registration of the cases, all the evidences and documents are verified. Based on the nature of the cases necessary coordination with concerned authority like Embassy, Foreign Employment Board, and Department of Foreign Affairs is done to address the problem of migrant workers. In the year 2022, the Rescue and Repatriation Unit of PNCC received 2900 total cases related with contract, death, jailed, health, missing, trafficking, and pre-departure and other issues. There were 4362 victims from all over the Nepal among the 2900 cases.

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Recent Activities

We move forward with a goal to generate knowledge with the procedural interventions on safer channel of migration and the protection of migrant workers

We Are Here to Help You and Make a Difference

PNCC strives to ensure that the rights of Nepali migrant workers respected, guaranteed and promoted...


Contract Issues




Health Cases

Our Projects

PNCC aims to create an environment where Nepalese migrant workers can entertain their rights, by advocating, generating knowledge, sharing information, building partnerships and capacitating various response groups at national, regional and international levels.

Blood Money Campaign

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MRVRS Malaysia Project

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Safer Migration Project(SaMi)

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Shelter Support Project

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Migration News

Read and stay updated with all the activities, news and notices regarding migration.

विदेशमा अप्ठ्यारोमा परेका सवै श्रमिकको दायित्व राज्यले लिन्छ: मन्त्री कुँवर

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Ram Bahadur Khatri (name changed) expresses his profound gratitude towards the PNCC organization for their invaluable support during his time of need, including arranging his services and providing transportation to the hospital

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PNCC’s COVID-19 Support and Migrant Rights Project Benefitted Thousands of Nepali Workers Across Major Destinations

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विदेशबाट उद्धार गरिएका श्रमिकसँग श्रममन्त्रीको छलफल

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Message from the Chairperson

Foreign employment has become an unavoidable compulsion for more than 2/3 labor force (out of 0.5 million in average) that enters into the Nepalese labour market every year. The growing nation-side poverty, dismal socio-economic situation and country’s inability to create employment opportunity within nation has become causative factors for massive labour migration of Nepalese youths. A rough estimate says about 1500 youths turn into migrant workers every day supporting family survival and relative better life one way or other.

The recent study shows that 56% households in Nepal rely on hard earned remittance that comes from foreign countries. It has also been said that the remittance contributes 29.6% (NRB,2016) in the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP).


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