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11th Annual General Meeting

Date: February 26, 2021

Venue:Bandipur Eco Resort, Bandipur, Tanahun

Total participants: 44

PNCC successfully organized its 11thAnnual General Meeting on February 26, 2021 in Bandipur under thechairmanship of Mr. Kul Prasad Karki, Chairman, PNCC. The meeting had Mr. Purna Singh Thapa, Bandipur RM Chair as the Chief Guest,Dhruba Prasad Lamichhane, BandipurWard-5 Chair as the special guest and DilKumariRana, Bandipur Homestay Chair as guest.

The meeting comprised a total of 44participants representing Board, Staff and Bandipur Homestay.

Mr. AnjanPokharel, Secretary General, hosted the meeting. Starting off the meeting, Mr. Pokharelasked each one to give a short introduction making it a good opportunity to communicate with board members, and other participants.

After the brief introductory session, Mr. Tulsi Ram Subedi, Secretary, PNCC, gave a short welcome speech where he highlighted the beauty of Bandipur.

The session moved ahead with a presentation reflecting activities of PNCC. The presentation was done by Mr. Som Prasad Lamichhane, Executive Director, PNCC. Likewise, Mr. Lamichhane during his presentation also shared about how PNCC managed its operation after the outbreak of COVID 19 amidst lockdown and movement restrictions by Nepal government. Similarly, Mr. Lamichhane also stressed about PNCC’s achievement brining back 17 Nepali migrants from destinations with voluntary return air-ticket starting from November 26, 2020 till end of January 2021. Also, Mr. Lamichhane highlighted about emergency cash support provided to a total of 107 returnees who lost their jobs and returned from vulnerable situations.

After the detailed presentation by Mr. Lamichhane, Mr. Tara NathBhandari, Advisor, PNCC shared about how and why PNCC was established back in Saudi Arabia and later in Nepal. After a short sharing session by Mr. Bhandari, Mrs. DilKumariRana thanked PNCC team for inviting her and sharing her what exactly PNCC has been doing for the past 12 years. In the meantime, Mrs. DilKumari shared about the pain a mother experiences when her child goes abroad in search of foreign employment and cannot make his/her way back home.

After a short sharing session by Mrs. DilKumari, Mr. Dhruba Prasad Lamichhane took the floor. He highlighted about the selfless support provided from PNCC. Likewise, Mr. Purna Singh Thapa praised about his beautiful hometown Bandipur. Mr. Thapa tried to highlight and bring out enough job opportunities in Bandipur making it a treasured tourist destination. He highlighted about the interrelationship between development and migration.

The meeting discussed and passed the organization’s annual progress report for the fiscal year 2076/77which was submitted by Secretary General Mr. AnjanPokharel. Likewise, the meeting discussed and passed the annual financial details of the fiscal year 2076/77 that was submitted by Treasurer, Mr. Devi Prasad Khatri.

During the meeting, a number of policies including Financial, SEAH, Human Resource were taken in regard of the Assembly. Likewise, to establish effective channel of communication within and outside of the organization, Communication Strategy was developed and was taken in regard of the Assembly. Towards the end, Mr. Kul Prasad Karki, Chairperson, PNCC thanked each one present in the meeting. Mr. Karki he himself is a Saudi Arabia returnee hence, he shared about various phases of foreign employment. Likewise, he suggested working together for bringing such policies that works for the protection of migrant rights. He finally wrapped up the meeting highlighting various nature of cases received in PNCC and a number of challenges faced while dealing with cases and concluded the meeting.