Case Stories


It had been five years since Bindeshwor (name changed) from Jaleswor, Mahottari left his home for employment opportunity in Qatar. As he was determined to save substantial amount of money, he put his ultimate efforts to save possible earning in Qatar. And, he did not come back home for five years so that he could earn enough money for his family prosperity. In the mean time, the fate cheated him and he lost his life in traffic accident on 27 June, 2013. The news of his sudden death drove his family into complete despair and frustration. 

Since Bindehwor was not documented in Nepal, his family did not qualify for compensation in-country. There was still the possibility, though, of obtaining death benefits from the destination country—given that fatalities caused by traffic accidents are eligible for such payments as per Qatari law. But because the procedure to claim the compensation is so labyrinthine and opaque, the case is still under consideration to this day. Bindeshwor’s family has also been hassled by his employer, who is reportedly demanding they sign papers stating they have received the payment although they have not. Fortunately, the family decided to get in touch with the PNCC in February 2016, and it has since been helping them through the process, with the expectation that the matter will be resolved in their favor.


Kishor (name changed), a local of Kabilasi, Sarlahi, was happy with his job in a food-processing factory in Malaysia. His basic salary was 900 Malaysian Ringgit a month, and the company was treating him fairly well.  Just a few months after Kishor’s arrival in the country, however, on 17 April 2015, news of his death emerged, although the exact cause was not clarified by the hospital where he died. His family in Nepal was devastated and confused, unsure of what had happened to him and how they should proceed—starting with receiving his remains.

The case was referred to PNCC by the ICC in Sarlahi where the family had first solicited advice. The ICC  helped them put together the required documents, after which PNCC led them through the process of applying to the Department of Consular Services to retrieve Kishor’s body. Thankfully, permission was quickly granted, and the body was collected by the family in four days’ time.  PNCC also helped them seek compensation from FEPB and Nepal Life Insurance Company with which Kishor had signed up before leaving for Malaysia. In due course, payments of NPR 300,000 from FEPB and NPR 650,000 from the insurance company were released for Kishor’s family.


For the lack of employment opportunity within country, 36 year old Ram Mahato (name changed) from Sarlahi made up his mind to seek foreign employment in order to support his family survival. In this process, he came in contact with a local agent and recruiting agency who offered him a job of production officer and good amount of Salary in a Good Night Company in Malaysia. He made an initial investment of NPR 1,00000 (One lakh) for the whole recruiting process  as a recruiting fee. 

After three years of employment in Malaysia, he got an opportunity to visit his family and homeland on a vacation. But unfortunately, he was arrested in airport by an immigration officer in Malaysia for using a fake passport of another person and was put into custody by Malaysian police. 

STEP:  When the family member of Ram got the news of his arrest, they reported the case in the Migration Resource Center at Malangwa, Sarlahi then it was forwarded to PNCC seeking help to rescue and bring his son back to Nepal. In the meantime, PNCC supported them in arranging all the documents required to initiate process for his repatriation. After making necessary arrangement, PNCC coordinated and collaborated with the Nepalese Diplomatic Mission and our representatives in Malaysia to assist in locating the jail of his detention.   As per our request and coordination, the embassy located the jail and asked us to arrange the travel fair to get him back. Finally our organization assisted the family member in arranging travel fair and succeeded to bring him back to Nepal.