Communication Strategy Review Workshop

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Date: February 23-25, 2021

Venue:Bandipur Eco Resort, Bandipur, Tanahun

Total participants:10

A team of 10 left forBandipur, Tanahun on February 22, 2021 to discuss and draft communication strategy. The team comprised of Chairperson, Executive Director, Advisor, Treasurer, Project Coordinators, Finance Officers and Communication Officer. The team booked an accommodation in a resort in Bandipur. A big hall with proper internet connection and lighting was booked. All the discussion were made and discussed in groups.

Starting off the review workshop, a draft containing raw sub-topics was shared with all the participants. After sharing the raw draft, the total team was divided into two. One group discussed upon internal while another group discussed upon external communication.

The group of internal communication discussed upon communication channels stressing upon conveying what, with whom, how and when between Executive Committee, General Members, Advisory Committee, Sub-Committees, Organizational publications and information, Email, Social Media, Telephone, Grievance handling, Project Reports, Programs and trainings participation, Organizing programs, meetings and trainings, New staff orientation, leave approval, resignation, outreach office, Shelter Management Committee(SMC), recruitment procedure, Inter-project communication, Logo and signatory upon Certificate.

Likewise, the group of external communication discussed upon communication channels between labor migrants and their families, governmental bodies (Nepal and destination), Association of Foreign Employment Agencies, Donors, Partners, Media, Employers, Diaspora Communities, Migrant Resource Centers (MRCs), Resource Person, Researchers, Local government, Service providers, National Human Rights Council (NHRC), and National Network for Safer Migration (NNSM).

On the second day, drafts from both groups were merged. Each sub topic was checked line by line and necessary comments from participants was incorporated. For the final design along with necessary formatting, Executive Director Mr. Som Prasad Lamichhane asked Mr. Aviman Singh Lama, Shelter In-charge, PNCC. The next day, Mr. Aviman Singh Lama shared the final copy of communication strategy. The team then revised the complete document.