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PNCC stands for Pravasi Nepali Coordination Committee, a non-profit organization founded by migrants for the migrants

Pravasi Nepali Sewa Samiti (PNSS) was formed in 1998 in Saudi Arabia; later it was registered in 2009 in Nepal as Pravasi Nepali Coordination Committee (PNCC).mple Text

PNCC responds to the crisis/problems faced by distressed migrant workers and also lobbies for protection of their human rights at national, regional and international level. 

Some of key PNCC programs are education/awareness, rescue/relief, legal aid, re-integration support, policy advocacy, shelter support etc.

PNCC receives different cases such as case of Contract Violation, Death Case, Jailed Case, Accident Case, Health Issues, Out of contact/ Missing case, Undocumented Case etc.

Yes, PNCC has its Outreach Support Offices in Malaysia (Contact Ram Chandra Nepal at…………….. and Qatar  (Hamid Musalman at ………….). PNCC also has its wider network in other gulf countries.

Outreach Support Center provides legal aid and other possible support to distressed Nepalese migrant workers in destination countries.ple Text

Yes, our close partners provide free legal aid service to those distressed migrant workers refereed by PNCC even after their return back to home country. 

Yes, PNCC has its Shelter home in Anamnagar, Kathmandu where the distressed returnee migrants can have comfortable temporary shelter with food including airport pickup facilities free of cost.

To get immediate support in case of misfortunes such as unexpected death, accident, disability, contract violation, out of contact, missing case, undocumented case and jail case etc.

PNCC uses its wider networks across the country and outside in Malaysia and Qatar to respond suffers (destitute migrant workers) in their distressful situations.

Any individuals can directly contract PNCC office head office or its Migrant Recourse Centres(MRCs) located in 39 districts of the country by telephone/mail or also personally visiting office.