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Before engaging in any subject, proof points and a case are needed to convince the invited stakeholders. Since gathering multiple stakeholders (multi party MPs) in a common forum to discuss sharing evidences for policy recommendations to parliamentary members of Nepal, PNCC saw the significant signs of interest from the MPs that could potentially progress the matters of Nepalese immigrants matter in near future. On June 16, 2023, an event took place at Basera Boutique Hotel, located in Babarmahal, Kathmandu. The event was organized with the intention of inviting five parliament members, each representing a different national party. However, only three MPs were able to attend the event. Unfortunately, Honorable Ashim Shah from the Rastriya Swatantra Party and Honorable Jajat Bahadur Pakri from the CPN Maoist Centre were unable to attend due to their busy schedules, despite their initial intention to be present. The meeting was graced by the presence of three parliamentary members: Honorable Thakur Prasad Gaire from the CPN-UML, Honorable Pradip Paudel from the Nepali Congress, and Honorable Ganga Ram Chaudary from the Nagrik Unmukti Party. Alongside the parliament members, the event was also attended by other participants, including advocates, experts on migrant matters, secretaries of MPs, and board members of PNCC (Pravasi Nepali Coordination Committee). All together 13 participants were presented in the meeting.

  1. Objectives;

The meeting with the parliamentary members had a specific focus on migration issues faced by the Nepalese people. The primary purpose was to share the evidence collected by PNCC (Pravasi Nepali Coordination Committee) over a span of 10 years. The objective was to provide the parliament members with comprehensive and substantial data that could be utilized for policy recommendations within the House of Representatives. Mr. Som Prasad Lamichhane, Executive Director of the organization presented the accumulated evidence, the meeting aimed to inform the parliament members about various issues, challenges, problems and ongoing trends of Nepalese migrant workers. This evidence-based approach would help the members make well-informed decisions and formulate effective policies that address the needs and concerns of the people they represent. The meeting provided an opportunity for the parliament members to engage in discussions, ask questions, and exchange their ideas based on the evidence presented.

  1. Key learning;

When engaging with parliamentary members to address the issue of migrant workers, PNCC team have the opportunity to acquire valuable knowledge and insights shared by the invited MPs. Here are some potential areas of understanding gain from the discussions;

  1. Legislative Framework: During the meeting Parliamentary members shared the practices carried by the parliamentary house existing legislative framework governing migrant workers in our country which help us to understand the laws and regulations regarding the employment, right and protection.


  1. Challenge Faced by the migrant workers: During the meeting, the invited MPs shared the challenges that they used to get from the Nepalese migrant workers from Gulf countries specially from their own elected areas to get rescued such as exploitation, discrimination, unsafe working conditions, and limited access to social services.


  1. Policy Initiatives: Parliamentarians discussed the ongoing and proposed policy initiatives aimed at safeguarding the rights of migrant workers, which include that the government is focused on labor rights, social integration, access to healthcare and education, or measures to prevent human trafficking.

The meeting extended for approximately two hours, during which the parliamentary members engaged in a meaningful discussion. Before concluding the meeting, they expressed their thoughts on the matter. Mr. Pradip Poudel acknowledged the significance of this issue as a national social concern. He emphasized his commitment to supporting Nepalese migrant workers abroad by formulating policies based on the information shared by the PNCC team. On the other hand, Mr. Thakur Gaire briefly mentioned the current challenge of repatriating Nepalese individuals of origin amidst recent events. He also expressed his intention to raise this matter in the parliament at the earliest opportunity, highlighting its importance. Finally, parliamentary member Ganga Ram Chaudary conveyed his appreciation to the PNCC team for organizing the informative program.


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