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Pravasi Nepali Coordination Committee (PNCC) is a non-profit, non-political, non-governmental social organization dedicated to safeguarding and advancing the rights of Nepalese migrant workers. It was founded in Nepal in 2009 by returnee migrant workers with the mission of offering all possible support to migrant workers in hardship, particularly in the Gulf Countries, and Malaysia. The PNCC is known for its highly reliable and responsive services that is timely and individualized to the need of distressed migrant workers. Having established and extensive networks in labor receiving countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Malaysia and other gulf states, PNCC has developed a robust rescue and support system for Nepali migrants overseas. PNCC has offered support to around 38,000 (includes 16,002 during the COVID-19 epidemic) Nepalese Migrant Laborers in difficult circumstances. Over the years, PNCC’s humanitarian assistance to migrant workers in distress has propelled it to the forefront of national and international arenas as one of the most trusted and devoted organizations for Nepalese Migrant Workers.

PNCC being a vanguard and leader within Nepal’s migration filed is connected with various diplomatic missions, agencies, individuals, and government entities, both in Nepal and in destination countries, which serve as valuable networks for servicing migrants in crisis in a timely and effective manner. Over the years, PNCC has developed a close relationship with the various Nepali Missions in receiving countries, and this relationship has contributed significantly to PNCC’s rescue and repatriation efforts. With increasing trust of migrant community on PNCC, the organization has seen an increased influx of cases being referred to PNCC from different organizations, partners, individuals, migrant workers, and even from government agencies. The right-based approach adopted by PNCC has garnered respect and trust of the Nepali migrant workers’ community. This approach further gives returnee migrants a valuable space to have their voice be heard, and transform the insights drawn from their personal experience into action that contributes to the field of migration.


As the number of migrant workers flying to GCC Countries (Qatar, Saudi Arabia, DUE, Bahrain, Kuwait) and Malaysia increased, a serious need of organizing Nepalese migrant workers was felt. Addressing this need, in 1998 Nepalese migrant workers in Saudi Arabia got organized at Nepalese Embassy to Saudi Arabia and formed Pravasi Nepali Sewa Samiti (PNSS). PNSS was established to rescue distressed migrant workers in Saudi Arabia. Few years later, realizing the need of an organization that can coordinate between migrant workers in Nepal and in the destination countries and among the stakeholders, Pravasi Nepali Coordination Committee (PNCC) got established and registered in 2009 in Nepal by returnee migrant workers. Pravasi Nepali Coordination Committee derives its name from words from English and Nepali, where Pravasi literally means ‘Immigrant’. Since inception, PNCC has been reaching to as many distressed workers as possible with possible support in coordination and collaboration with different national and international partners.


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