Know the law: How to clear your name after criminal conviction in UAE

UAE prosecutors have explained what it takes for the name of a person who was earlier convicted of a crime to be cleared under the law so they can have a clean criminal record again.

In a statement posted on its Twitter account as part of promoting legal culture among UAE residents, the UAE Public Prosecution explained that according to Article 2 of Federal Law no.36 of 1992 on Rehabilitation, a convict shall be rehabilitated and restored by the law if he or she is not convicted of a felony or misdemeanor that appears on their record within the following periods of time:

First, if the person is convicted of a felony and five years have lapsed as of the penalty execution, amnesty or prescription.

In the second scenario, if the person is convicted of a misdemeanor and three years have passed as of the execution of the penalty or amnesty, unless the convict recommits the misdemeanor or the penalty has lapsed due to the prescription, in which case the period shall be five years.

The UAE prosecutors are issuing routine awareness messages on social media to educate the public about the law, promote legal culture among people to ensure a safe UAE society.


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