Strategic Approach

In order to realize its objectives, PNCC follows the following strategic approaches for its programme and project implementation:

Rights Based Approach (RBA)

Migrant workers and their families remain at forefronts of beneficiaries in PNCC’s every intervention. PNCC, after assessing trends and situation of Nepalese migrant workers and its impact on country of origin and destination, best uses the international and national standards to ensure rights of migrant workers and their families are respected, promoted, protected, fulfilled and guaranteed, regardless of their status. PNCC has been regularly advocating for rights of migrant communities in national, regional and international levels. Often, marginalized population dominates population of migrant workers and thus, PNCC involves voice and representation of marginalized, indigenous and disadvantages population in all programmes and project planning, implementation and evaluation. Rights based approach of pro-poor and marginalized migrant community development is founded on the conviction that all human beings are holders of rights, and migrant rights are human rights directly associated with the obligations are based on the international human rights instruments and the national laws. Thus, PNCC involves a process of changing systems, actions and priorities by enabling and empowering migrant community to claim and realise their economic, social, cultural, civil and political rights including the right to development of the communities. PNCC also identifies critical elements for migration governance and international cooperation.

Participatory Approach (PA)

We believe in the output drawn from the participatory approach between the PNCC and targeted population along with stakeholders in every level of intervention. As the PNCC is an initiative of migrants for the migrants, it ensures the participation of migrant people in all the working areas and strategies, including planning and monitoring and evaluation. Inclusion in participation is one of the key priorities of PNCC. PNCC maintains the highest level of coordination and collaboration with all levels of government administrative structure while implementing its programs along with local, national and international stakeholders. PNCC emphasizes on developing synergic efforts on ground and policy level, through collaboration, participation and coordination. Also, the PNCC focuses on peer to peer education and interactive methodology as an effective tool for the PA. Through peer education PNCC targets to reach its key beneficiaries: aspirant youth migrant workers through its awareness programs and activities.