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Date: 2 March, 2022- 4 March, 2022

Venue: Dhulikhel Mountain Resort, Dhulikhel



PNCC organized a four-day residential meeting on strategic planning and review, which focused on review running strategic documents and preparing strategic documents for the fiscal years 2022-25. The meeting took place in Dhulikhel Mountain Resort in Dhulikhel. The four-day meeting began on March 2nd and finished on March 5th, 2022. Mr. Vishnu Khatri was the workshop’s resource person. Approximately 22 persons attended the event meeting, which included both executive and staff personnel.

Attendees contributed their thoughts, ideas, and suggestions for consideration in the strategic planning papers during the discussion.


Day 1 overview:

All of the participants, including the resource person, gathered at Dhulikhel Mountain Resort on March 2, 2022 for strategic planning and review meetings.

Before dinner, a brief introductory and warm-up kind of session was held, during which Mr. Som Prasad Lamichhane, PNCC’s Executive Director, welcomed Resource Person, Mr. Vishnu Khatri, and Vishnu sir led a short warm-up brain storming session for the support to next day’s meeting. Additionally, there was an emphasis on the organization’s branding and promotion.

Day 2 overview:

After a delicious breakfast at the resort, the session began. Mr. Som Prasad Lamichhane opened the session with a brief welcome statement and welcomed the resource person, Mr. Vishnu Khatri, as well as all participants. Similarly, Mr. Khatri gave a brief introduction.

The session formally began when the introduction session was completed. Mr. Khatri offered migrant concerns brainstorming as well as an emphasis on the PNCC’s milestones and strengths. He concentrated on documenting, reviewing, and disseminating information.

Mr. Khatri divided the group into two groups, each with a milestone and SWOT analysis work to deliver. After that, both group works were compiled with the appropriate addition points. Mr. Khatri also highlighted about sets of top five milestones as they are very vital to recognize organization as the view of branding and promotion.

The group dispersed for a meal. After a one-hour lunch break, the session moved forward with organization vision, mission, goal, objectives, strategies and core values of organization. Mr. Khatri was once again divided into six groups, each with the task of preparing a detailed logical frame/work plan to meet the stated objectives for the next 3 years. The team was separated at the end of the day to prepare the following tasks;

At the end of the session, ED, Mr. Lamichhane, thanked Mr. Khatri for his invaluable support as the resource person.

Day 3 overview:

It was pre-informed on the previous day about the schedule of the third day. The event for third day was based on review previous project and plan and stakeholders analysis. The facilitator for the session was Mr. Som Prasad Lamichhane, the Executive Director. Mr. Lamichhane greeted everyone and properly opened the meeting.

Before formally beginning the session, each group submitted in their allotted task as from previous day. Similarly, all of the received detailed action planes were amalgamated, and all six objectives were divided and assigned into two previous groups, as 1-3 objectives and 1-6 objectives, for better inclusion.

In between, a lunch break was taken. Following the break, the session resumed with earlier strategy papers, for which Mr. Som Prasad Lamichhane detailed all accomplishments, issues, and gaps, among other things. When one of the Executive Committee members inquired about the goal they set when the group was established, most said they were pleased with where things were at the time.

Towards the midst of the session, all project coordinators and itself Executive Director gave a brief overview of their respective projects.

After the reviewing session is completed, moved on to the stakeholder’s analysis. Upon stakeholder’s analysis, total participants were divided into group of two where each group was led by ED & Chairperson. Each group was given the task of identifying stakeholders and exploring our prior and future interactions with them.

At towards the end of the session, Mr. Lamichhane, the ED, facilitated a migration-related Quiz session, with the Chairperson standing as the judge. As a result, all participants were updated about current migration-related facts, global and national policy, and other issues.

At the closing of the session, the chairman provides an overview of the whole strategic planning and review meeting. And expressing gratitude to all participants for their contributions to strategic papers that are critical to the organization’s future.


The training was divided into 3 sessions. Resource Persons were hired for the facilitation. A spacious hall in a DMR resort was booked for the meeting. The first day of meeting comprised milestone, SWOT analysis, strategies & core values whereas second day was on vision, mission, goal, objectives etc. The facilitators made use of group discussions, presentations and short activities.


During the planning and review meeting, each participant in the training was engaged. Various activities in groups were assigned, as well as presentations. Every day, share the completed work of one group with others in order to better include all.


The team was able to meet all its objectives. The 3 day residential meeting was very fruitful. Finally, the team was able to complete the entire strategic document draft.