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Candle Light Program in the Remembrance of Deceased Migrant workers at Patan Durbar Square on 18th Dec. 2013. Photo: Kantipur National Daily DTP Training on Promoting and Protecting Human Rights of Migrant Workers From Nepal and South Asia. Inauguration Ceremony of DTP Training Civil Society Group submitting concern letter to The President of Nepal under SAVE AMAR CAMPAIGN. After completing the 3 days workshop program. PNCC Board Members and Staffs. Financial Support to Amar's Family

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वैदेशिक रोजगारीमा हृदयाघातबाटै जान्छ धेरै नेपाली कामदारको ज्यान -, 20 Oct, 2014

वैदेशिक रोजगारमा गएका कामदारमध्ये सबैभन्दा धेरैको हृदयाघातका कारण मृत्यु हुने गरेको छ। दैनिक औसतमा दुईदेखि तीनजना कामदारको मृत्यु हुने गरेकामा सबैभन्दा बढी हृदयाघातका कारण मर्ने गरेका छन्।

‘देश छाड्नु अगाडिनै आर्थिक शोषणमा’, 10 Oct, 2014

ब्रिटेनको एक प्रतिष्ठित संस्थाले पश्चिम नेपालका गाउँहरुमा पुगेर गरेको अनुसन्धानका अनुसार कतिपय नेपाली कामदारहरु उनीहरुको वर्षभरीको खर्च बराबरको रकम ऋण लिएर दलालहरुलाई दिएपछिमात्र विदेश जान पाउँछन्।

Recent Activities

Capacity Enhancement Training of PNCC Staffers & E.M.

Foreign employment has also become a source of lucrative business for a number of recruiting agencies. Many migrant workers recruited through recruitment agencies or brokers are given bogus or misleading information about their job. In general, this would relate to the wages they would receive, the type of work they will do and the number of hours they are contracted to work each day . Most of the recruitment agencies work through a channel of local sub-agents or intermediaries, who become trustworthy to local youths, thus the vulnerability of being victim of deceptive agencies rises. On top of that, lack of knowledge on the process of migration among the youths helps complexion of the problem to greater extent. They lack education, information about recruiting procedures, and the financial means to contract recruiting agencies . Due to lack of proper knowledge and awareness about the process of migration among the migrant workers stringed with no or insufficient knowledge about the destination countries and the work, employers, working conditions and the like provide ample ground to the labor exploitation and other human rights violation.

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Rapid Response Mechanism Training

Pravasi Nepali Coordination Committee (PNCC) has been working as one of the important partner of Safer Migration (SaMi) project for assisting safer migration Information and Counseling Centers (ICCs) in Khotang and Sarlahi districts and PNCC has been assisting the counselors of the ICCs and backstopping to various requests of ICCs. PNCC mainly serves to provide with the rapid response mechanism services to the requests coming from the ICCs, immediate response and support to distressed Nepalese Migrant workers and their families, termed as Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM). Additionally, PNCC has also been providing wider access to justice for migrant workers and their families in cases like death of migrant workers in destination, non-payment or under payment of salary, fraudulent cases on migration process, and facilitation.

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