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Candle Light Program in the Remembrance of Deceased Migrant workers at Patan Durbar Square on 18th Dec. 2013. Photo: Kantipur National Daily
DTP Training on Promoting and Protecting Human Rights of Migrant Workers From Nepal and South Asia.
Inauguration Ceremony of DTP Training
Civil Society Group submitting concern letter to The President of Nepal under SAVE AMAR CAMPAIGN.
After completing the 3 days workshop program.
PNCC Board Members and Staffs.
Financial Support to Amar's Family


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Important Infos

Pre-Departure Information

  1. Make sure that you have made up your mind for foreign employment after you failed to get employment opportunity within nation.
  2. Discuss extensively with your family about your plan for foreign employment & take decision following their consent.
  3. Prepare required documents i.e. Passport, experience certificate, training certificate, CV, medical certificate etc.

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While in Abroad

  1. Safely keep with you the copies of your passport, Job Agreement Paper and other related documents.
  2. Familiarize yourself with your colleagues and new working environment.  
  3. Follow your work responsibilities/schedules as agreed in the JOB CONTRACT.

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Help Needy Children

Save Bhusal Campaign

Recent Activities

Training on Advocacy of Migrant Rights:

Five-day long training on Advocacy of Migrant Rights was organized by PNCC from August 9 t0 13, 2014 at Dhulikhel, Kavre.  Total 30 members including 15 individuals who were selected from ground level discussion, have been trained about the national and international legal mechanism related to migration, leadership skills and network building, proposal and report writing technique, women migration and other issues. The training was also able to bring migrant community from seven districts of Nepal including PNCC members and staffs who have been working at district level.

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Capacity Enhancement Training of PNCC Staffers & E.M.

Foreign employment has also become a source of lucrative business for a number of recruiting agencies. Many migrant workers recruited through recruitment agencies or brokers are given bogus or misleading information about their job. In general, this would relate to the wages they would receive, the type of work they will do and the number of hours they are contracted to work each day . Most of the recruitment agencies work through a channel of local sub-agents or intermediaries, who become trustworthy to local youths, thus the vulnerability of being victim of deceptive agencies rises. On top of that, lack of knowledge on the process of migration among the youths helps complexion of the problem to greater extent. They lack education, information about recruiting procedures, and the financial means to contract recruiting agencies . Due to lack of proper knowledge and awareness about the process of migration among the migrant workers stringed with no or insufficient knowledge about the destination countries and the work, employers, working conditions and the like provide ample ground to the labor exploitation and other human rights violation.

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Message from Chairperson

Foreign employment has become an avoidable compulsion for more than 2/3 labor force (out of 0.5 million in average) that enters into the Nepalese labour market every year. The growing nation-side poverty, dismal socio-economic situation and country’s inability to create employment opportunity within nation has become causative factors for massive labour migration of Nepalese youths.

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